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About ABLE Brands

Quality CBD products for athletes, enthusiasts, and animals
Person holding cbd oil and cbd softgels used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever

About Us

“A Better Life for Everyone” is not just a catchy acronym for ABLE Brands, it’s the goal of our business.


Today, our brand focuses on providing CBD products for people in all walks of life so that everyone, regardless of their background or routine, can enjoy the benefits.

Our goal is simple: educate our customers and help as many people as possible. We accomplish this by spreading education about the benefits of CBD and providing the highest quality, locally sourced products available.

Josh Phillips


Josh Phillips, ABLE’s founder, has always looked for products that can boost his quality of life. He was first introduced to the world of CBD while seeking a remedy to alleviate shoulder pain, which was greatly impacting his workouts. After researching the industry, he soon realized there was an incredible opportunity to service the market with high quality products.


After experiencing first hand the many benefits that CBD has to offer, Josh embarked on the journey of bringing a premier line of locally sourced CBD products to the market.